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Or You Could Kiss Me
Cottesloe, NT
(5 Oct 2010 to 18 Nov 2010)

Photo by Simon Annand

What the popular press had to say...

"What a terrible dud it proves. All my old reservations about puppets – above all that they are at once horribly creepy and disastrously prone to sentimentality – came flooding back... unexpectedly dull and disappointing show. "
Charles Spencer for The Daily Telegraph

"Much as I admired the formidable skill, it only momentarily tampered with my emotions...But while dazzled by the technical finesse, I began to crave, after 100 minutes in the company of puppets, the spontaneous combustion created by the presence of living actors. "
Michael Billington for The Guardian

"I was surprised the puppets didn’t take a bow at the end, so convincing are they at conveying the essence of Mr A and Mr B as ailing eighty-somethings in Port Elizabeth in 2036, and their health-packed younger selves in the 'perfect summer' of 1971...Elsewhere, though, there’s a frustrating sense of missed opportunity as the narrative wafts, sometimes confusingly, around the sketchy scenes."
Fiona Mountford for The Evening Standard

"Marvelous moments...Unfortunately, it has almost no momentum"
David Benedict for Variety

" A rich, thoughtful and tender piece, though slightly too dense to move you as much as it could."
Sarah Hemming for Financial Times

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